Lisa Ruddy, Partner & President

A graduate of FIT and holds a BAS in Marketing Sales Management. She worked for Nordstrom department store through my four years of college and was promoted to open their new Freehold store and manage their women’s wear department. It was there that she learned that quality and service go hand-in-hand, there is no room for compromise on either. She oversaw hiring and training for over 25 women in my division. She learned that fantastic employees who share the same vision and growth is impossible. It was at Nordstrom, that she also learned with great teamwork and collaboration success is inevitable. Through sourcing quality vendors and relationships, she could pass this success on to our customers. Hard work and determination was at the forefront of her success and the success of her teams.

After a fantastic 7 years with Nordstrom, she took time off to have my three beautiful children and she was fortunate enough to stay home with them for a few years. When my oldest was 10 and my youngest was 4 was when the idea came to us that “Princeton” did not have a “soup shop” in town. Her husband and her were customers of Princeton and enjoyed all the fine shops, restaurants and culture that Princeton had to offer. We saw a “niche” for a soup shop; after all, there were tons of ice cream shops, coffee shops, restaurants etc. So, they began their search and conversations with Palmer Square Management to become the soup proprietors in town. It has been met with much hard work, joy, satisfaction as they watched it grow and expand over the years. The most rewarding for them is watching their three children grow up with our shop, work at our shop and learn what it takes to run a small business and be so fortunate in such a diverse town as Princeton. She applied her service and training in retail to the food industry and continue to enjoy and feel fortunate for all the relationships they have made in Princeton.

Alexandra Ruddy, Partner, General Manager

Alex started with us when she was 10 years old. She used to stand on a milk crate in our store and ring customers’ orders up. She worked with us through all her elementary school years and when it came time for college, she packed up and went. Within that first year away, Alex came to us and said, “Food is my passion, can’t I just work at the shop and expand it.” We replied, “No, you must get your education.” She went on to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Throughout her schooling and internships, Alex worked for amazing caterers in NYC such as Peter Callahan Caterers and Lawrence Craig Caterers. Alex continued to excel in the catering world in her field and traveled everywhere, even to events for Yoko Ono and the Clintons! She traveled to China and learned much about Asian cuisine and their culture. She graduated with her BS in Culinary Arts in 2016. She also completed Cornell University's Leadership Essentials Program in 2022. That same urge she had when she was in high school was calling Alex back to her roots. Now that Alex was an educated chef with her own experiences, we asked her if she wanted to come back to where it all started. We are thrilled to have her back since September of 2018 and as an official partner in PSASC with us. She certainly is bringing all her time and talent to PSASC. Alex oversees catering (which is growing by leaps and bounds), training and menu development, all our social media accounts as she learns every aspect of the business. She wants to grow and expand the PSASC brand. She has lots of plans… we are the lucky ones! Alex is the second generation and nothing makes us smile more!

Scott Ruddy, Partner

Scott owns a successful construction company in NYC for 30 years. He is our advisor in every avenue of the business. He is the silent partner that probably gets the least credit for all he does for PSASC. He is the “test kitchen” when it comes to a new anything. He is our “marketing guru” when it comes to brainstorming ideas. Scott is the one who gets the 11 PM call that something is not working, or the cabinet came off the hinge or the refrigerator needs service, etc.-the list goes on. Scott is tough on us and our harshest critic.

Nikolas Smith, Head of Food Development

Niko Smith has been an employee of The Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company since his graduation from The Culinary Institute of America in 2016, working his way up from a line cook to a member of the Executive Management Team. He engages in community events and has performed cooking demos through the Princeton Public Library on several occasions, as well as spearheading our expanding recipe development programs. "When it comes to the restaurant industry, and life in general, you get back what you put into it. Invest your time and your focus on your craft, work honestly, and build something you can be proud of." Long-term he aims to be a managing partner and assist Alex Ruddy in bringing PSASC into the future through market opportunities in retail and wholesale production as well as brick and mortar stores.

Nicholas Scott , Website Guy

Designs and Manages our Website. Contact if you need a website!