A graduate of FIT with a BAS in Marketing Sales Management, she excelled at Nordstrom, managing the women's wear department and emphasizing quality and service. Learning the value of teamwork, she oversaw hiring and training for over 25 employees. After 7 years, she took time off to raise her children. Inspired by a lack of soup shops in Princeton, she and her husband established one, applying her retail expertise to the food industry. They have found joy and satisfaction in watching their business thrive and their children learn valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. Princeton Soup & sandwich has been a staple in Princeton for 20 years, and recently expanded to Cranbury a year ago.


Alex joined our team at the age of 10, standing on a milk crate to ring up customers' orders. Throughout elementary school, she continued to work with us. When college approached, she expressed her passion for food, but we encouraged her to pursue education first. After attending the Culinary Institute of America and gaining experience with renowned caterers in NYC, Alex graduated in Culinary Arts in 2016. Furthering her education with Cornell University's Leadership Essentials Program, she returned to us in 2018 as an official partner. With her expertise, she oversees catering, training, menu development, and manages our social media, aiming to expand the PSASC brand. As the second generation, Alex brings invaluable skills and enthusiasm to our team, making us truly fortunate.


For 30 years, Scott has owned a thriving construction company in NYC. He serves as our advisor, contributing expertise across all aspects of the business. Despite being a silent partner, his invaluable contributions often go unnoticed. Scott acts as our "test kitchen" for new ideas and our "marketing guru" for brainstorming sessions. He's the one we turn to for urgent matters, whether it's a late-night call about a malfunctioning appliance or a cabinet off its hinge. With his tough but constructive criticism, Scott continually pushes us to improve.


Niko Smith joined The Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company upon graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in 2016, starting as a line cook and advancing to the Executive Management Team. He actively participates in community events, including cooking demonstrations at the Princeton Public Library. Niko leads our recipe development programs, contributing to our growth. His philosophy emphasizes dedication, integrity, and pride in one's work. His long-term goal is to become a managing partner, collaborating with Alex Ruddy to explore market opportunities in retail, wholesale production, and brick-and-mortar expansion for PSASC's future.


Nicholas attended Rutgers Business School for two years before deciding to drop out and start Big Baby (creative agency) about 5 years ago. He developed Princeton Soup & Sandwich's website and is on the brink of taking charge of the restaurant's entire digital marketing strategy. Nicholas is the son of Lisa and Scott, the owners of the restaurant, and he gained invaluable experience by working at the Princeton establishment throughout high school and college

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